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Puppy Health Information and Guarantee

When she/he first goes to your home, your new puppy has been properly de-wormed, examined by a veterinarian, and vaccinated. You will receive a vaccination record, and it is important that you bring this to your veterinarian. Deworming and vaccinations as well as exams and preventative care must continue on a regular basis; pups will be due for their shots within the first week or two of coming to your home, and then at various intervals until the pup reaches 16 weeks of age. Remember, puppies are babies! They need plenty of love, rest, quality food, fresh water, and exercise, as well as a warm and dry place to sleep and medical care. The guarantee that follows is void if you have neglected to provide these essentials to your pup.




Large breed dogs are prone to hip dysplasia and labs are also known for eye problems. Research indicates that hip dysplasia has three contributing causes: genetics, overfeeding, and excessive exercise at a young age. By having our dam’s and sire’s hips and elbows certified by OFA and yearly eye exams by CERF, we have attempted to eliminate the heredity factor. As a new pet owner, you can also help your pet through her/his development by following a few guidelines:

  • Keep your puppy at a healthy weight. Carrying too much weight at a young age adds stress on soft puppy bones and affects the skeletal development of a young dog.

  • Do not over-exercise your puppy. Young bones do not entirely calcify until 12 months of age. Examples of overstressing joints are excessive exercise on hard unyielding surfaces, continuous running, repetitive jumping, or any activity that may cause significant injury to developing young bones.


Unfortunately, sometimes problems do develop regardless of preventative efforts, and that is why we provide this guarantee. If your puppy is found to have hip dysplasia (an OFA rating of less than Fair), poor elbows, or suffers from inherited eye defects or any other congenital disorder requiring medical attention, we will replace him/her with the same sex pup of equal breeding at our earliest opportunity.


  • We must be notified of the problem within 30 days of its discovery.

  • The pup must have been x-rayed and the x-rays were evaluated by OFA before the pup reached 26 months of age. This guarantee expires after 26 months.

  • The pup has not been abused or involved in any type of accident where bones were broken.

  • The pup has not been used for monetary gain, particularly breeding.

  • The pup has not been transferred to another owner - this guarantee is void to a second party. In addition, your replacement pup cannot be sold or transferred to another party.

  • You must provide a veterinarian report of medical history that shows you have not neglected the pup’s health.

  • You must return the pup and its papers to us. However, because we hope that this dog will become an important member of your family, it is not necessary to return the dog to collect on this agreement. Should you have a problem that is covered by this guarantee and still want to keep the dog, we will refund one-half of the original purchase price of the dog in lieu of providing a replacement.

  • The Orthopedic Foundation for Animals (OFA) shall be the sole judge regarding hip dysplasia and elbow problems the Canine Eye Registration Foundation (CERF) shall be the sole judge regarding eye defects.

  • We will replace the pup or refund half the purchase price only. Other costs incurred such has shipping, vaccinations, and veterinary expenses are non-refundable.

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